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authors: Izabela Ołdak & Ruben van Klaveren
title: Uroboros
music: Alexander Glenfield
place: DAR- Druskininkai Artists' Residence, Druskininkai, Lithuania
year: 2013

"We live trapped in a frame of Uroboros, devouring its own tail in a dance of Life and Death. This symbol of infinity takes all sorts of forms of existence, with its bright and dark (karmic) shades, from which, no one is free.

Uroboros is a video work, which represents an esoteric journey through interconnected reality of Nature, man with his symbols and architecture. The camera captures and floats through the structures, details, marks, cracks, making a kaleidoscopic panorama of real and imaginary images which alternate and complement each other with form or structure. It is an endless psychedelic reflection of one mirroring the other, and the other ensuing another. 

The underlying theme is that everything is connected, all is alive. The entire world is one big living organism, we all have the same roots and we all are branches of the same tree.  
We share the same reality and we are undergoing the same processes of time going through constant metamorphoses. The micro has all the element of macro and it is being developed in endless fractals. 

The great wisdom of union and integration of all, is depicted also in the ways of humans understanding of it and in the spiritual paths which explain this achievement throughout the history. We can see many symbols floating through the images from: Shamanism, Tarot, Alchemy, Cabala, Freemasonry and many other systems which were and still are the ways of exploring the reality, understanding and explaining it.

The wheel of Samsara is pending. And the only constant - visible in the eternity of Life and in the eternity of Death - is reflected in an endless loop of the Uroboros."
Izabela Ołdak

In the Shadow of the Full Moon

concept: Izabela Ołdak
title: In the Shadow of the Full Moon
place: CASiS Artists-in-Residence, Calders, Spain
year: 2013 
cast: Izabela Ołdak
camera: Ruben van Klaveren, Izabela Ołdak
editing: Ruben van Klaveren, Paweł Kołaczkowski
sound editing: Ruben van Klaveren
vocal, instruments: Izabela Ołdak

Video shows the symbolical, inner journey to the underworld by owl-witch, who performs Full Moon ritual. In her journey, she meets animal guides like the frog and the black dog, who takes her to the Water Goddess - the Life bringer.

Into the Light

author: Izabela Ołdak
title:  Into the Light
place: Węgierska- Górka, Poland
year: 2012
editing & sound: Ruben van Klaveren
voice: Izabela Ołdak

It is impossible to reach the light without experiencing the dark. Suffering is an inseparable part of our existence. It often leaves deep scars on our body and mind, which become our emblem, a mark or a trauma. Whatever they become, scars always tell a story...

"Into the Light" is a story about a person who passes over different stages of suffering. The enviroment so as the female herself looks dirty and unpleasant.
She goes so deep into the darkness, expressed in anger, madness and despair, that finally after falling into the bottom of her misery she can be reborn again.

Internal peregrination

author: Izabela Ołdak 
title: Internal peregrination
place: Purmerend, NL
year: 2011
editing and sound: Ruben van Klaveren

Internal Peregrination is a symbolical, psychedelic journey to the Higher Self, where we can meet the archetypal image of the Great Goddess. The movie is an introduction to the Alfa state of mind, hypnoses and meditation.

Matnia II

authors: Izabela Ołdak & Ruben van Klaveren
title: Matnia II
place: Amsterdam
year: 2011
editing and sound:  Ruben van Klaveren

 Matnia II is visual poetry reflecting on the hidden and pleasure, a dive into the unknown darkness of extreme human subconscious desire. To be lost in the labyrinth of lust, entangled in a Dionysian web. Background of the film is the city of Amsterdam, which also gave us a lot of inspiration to create this work.